Democratic Socialists of America - Baton Rouge

What We Believe

The Baton Rouge Chapter of Democratic Socialists of America seeks to democratize our society and economy, through organized collective action. We reject the status quo. We reject an economic order based solely on private profit alienated labor, gross inequalities of wealth and power; discrimination based on race, gender, age, ability or sexual orientation; as well as brutality and violence. We will transition to a humane social order based on democratic control of resources, production, and economic planning, equitable distribution, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships. We believe that we have the technology to end hunger, save the planet, and our children's futures. We are committed to a freedom of speech that allows dissent, to a freedom to organize independent trade unions, support groups, political parties, any formation that can protect us against the dangers of a militarized police, corporations, and those who seek to exploit and control us. We are committed to a freedom of religion that acknowledges the rights of those for whom spiritual concerns are central. We seek to empower our members and our communities.

Who We Are

We are socialists because we believe in democracy. We believe the power of the people to maintain themselves is the key to fulfilling our human potential, whereas letting a small wealthy elite control vital resources is surely a path to more subjugation and more social turmoil. We are socialists because we believe the eventual automation of most labor will result in a dystopian nightmare under capitalism, or more time for us to become ourselves under socialism. The capitalist class, the wealthy, the bourgeoisie, the elite, whatever you want to call them count on us not realizing the collective power we hold against them. They count on us not realizing how much value and time they bleed from us, only to add to the vast sums of our wealth they hoard. They count on us remaining unconscious about the class divisions that keep those that have always had the most in control of the lives of people they will never meet, nor ever care about in any meaningful way. The goal of this organization is to steer us closer to the realization that we can maintain ourselves. We seek to build a new democratic and vibrant left movement in the south and around this country that has the capability to make democratic socialism in the United States a reality.

We Are Fighting For Justice And Freedom

Won't You Come And Join Us?